Sunday fun..   2 comments

Adam and I did a bit of work today on my car, fixed an engine problem and adam welded up a sweet kakimoto muffler we took of a mates car. I spent most my time playing with the rear gaurds, just sanding
the remainder of the ‘lip’ off, rear rims tucks under without cracking sounds now, yeah.

Adam got a miracle cross brace a while ago, so sweet


Warrent for both cars next weekend. Woo I’m gonna drive down to the dairy and get a cookies and cream icecream in mine, yeah!
– Joel


Posted November 23, 2008 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

2 responses to “Sunday fun..

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  1. Both of those cars are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey love your car man. Really inspirational.
    But how the hell did you get that S14a JDM wing fitted. I’m trying to get mine on my s13 boot but the insides face up and the bolt wont go flush with the boot lid. Any tips appreciated 🙂

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