Christmas presents   8 comments

Adam here, got a few new bits n pieces on my car.

First up got some longer wheel stud so i can run as many slip-on spacers as i want



Had to grind away some of the subframe mount so the toe arm wouldn’t hit


This is at ride height

 Then finally got the bonnet painted



 Scored some BNR33 GTR brembo’s, put them on today, shit looks big

old vs new

old vs. new



 Painted the rocker cover with red wrickle paint, can also see my new radiator i got a while ago

vtec spec
vtec spec

Also got a rps13 center garnish

Needs oem bumper endcaps and lower lip 

Thats all for now, working on the interior, pics when im done.


Posted December 24, 2008 by Joel Hedges in Adam

8 responses to “Christmas presents

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    You two have made up for every abortion of a car I have seen come from your area or the world.

    I love it.

    A badass kitted s13
    a super basic late model s13.


  2. damnit

    midnight purple! i thought yours was black!

    and r33 gtr brembos i was looking to score some too!


    i quit cars

  3. wow..and I was done with S13’s, both this cars are fantastic!


    ha those brakes are massive adam

  5. Both of your cars are a-ma-ZING!

    Thanks for the add!

  6. Baller baller baller!

    What’s next?

  7. i just fell over…………

  8. You guys are S13 geniuses.

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