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Went to a cone day ran on a dragstrip, action pics coming soon


Posted January 15, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

8 responses to “Footage

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  1. Sicker than Aids boys. Shit looks tight!
    Bad luck about that ditch Joel – Claimed my friends 180 too!

    All the best for getting it straight again.

    Keep the vids coming!


  2. wow coolest brothers in the world or what? awesome!

    question on coupe, is that an origin lip spoiler in addition the s14 kouki wing?

  3. Cool reminded me of that koguchi run at nikko vid! haha
    The 1via got an rb26 right?
    Sounds awesome!!

  4. joel, the sun hits the pearl nicely

  5. Perfect!

  6. adam, i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE your 180sx.

  7. SO
    freakin NICE

  8. Yep s14 wing and origin lip.

    It’s an rb20 not 26 goes well for now and won’t die 🙂

    Thanks for all the comments guys,

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