Team Stickers 2   9 comments

Put some stickers on, both cars have the big one on the front windscreen



Joel's engine


Posted February 6, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

9 responses to “Team Stickers 2

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  1. i need one…thanks! bwahaha

  2. I agree…….they look great!

  3. i like it!

  4. Nice intake on the RB.
    Would be nice if you could post some more info about that!

  5. You should make more!

    Can never have to many stickers.

    -I think I read that somewhere, not sure though.

  6. Saw your car on the motorway today at lunchtime. Looking dope bro.

  7. The stickers look great!

  8. just wondering mate where you got your plenum from im currently looking for one aye not a cheap cut one like most i see

    • I got it a really long time ago from a guy who imported it from japan as a sample. Don’t think he ever ended up importing any more unfortunately.

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