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After I broke my tie rod at the meremere day, a local d1 driver Andrew Redwood lent me one of his spares so I could keep driving. He also told me about the arm’s he was running on his s14, he gave me the part numbers so we built a set to replace my lame broken ones:



 They use a maxima inner and vw golf outer which is offset, so helps with the binding problem when I ran too much caster.

Now just waiting on my part shop max toe arms to arrive and I can get another wheel alignment and drive!



Posted February 14, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Steering

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  1. thats interesting

  2. What year golf?

  3. Hi Joel,

    Is the ball joint on the VW golf outer taller than the standard tie rod end? I’m trying to get my tie rods level again on my lowered s13.


  4. Ted, ill post the part numbers for the inner’s and outer’s when I get home for you.
    Tim, nah its not taller, just offset to help stop the binding. My old ones that broke ran a spaced tie rod end so the arm was at better angle, but Adam’s not running tie rod’s with taller tie rod ends at his height, his is a bit lower than mine and handles fine so I’m just gonna try these for now and see how they go.

  5. hey man so what are those part numbers? this sounds like a good cost alternative upgrade

  6. The two numbers on the box are “63433” and “OE Ref:6N0 422 812”

  7. Cool, thanks Joel. I’m having the same problem as you, so hopefully this will help.


  8. yeah thanks for sharing.

    I guess this mod only helps with the binding problem at full lock when the tierod runs out of leverage on the knuckle.



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