More 18’s   6 comments

Got some Model 5’s, so when my te’s arrive il have 6 18’s for the rear, sick!

undecided if il leave them gunmetal or paint them bronze.

And Doluck floorbar!


Posted February 20, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

6 responses to “More 18’s

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  1. god damnit.

    Adam, what size are those?

    I have 18×9 +10s on order for my rears….

    that cross bar is so good.


  2. 18×9 +10 (+20 with 10mm of slipons) 225/40s….

    Going gunmetal or bronze?

  3. damn, that is EXACTLY what I was going for…
    Can you take some more shots? In this one, they look like TINY wheels…

    I ordered silver, but they were out, so I swapped to gunmetal. I might get them painted or powdercoated…

    What kind of tires?

  4. LOL

    is what i did when i read this post

    haha ooooooohh bh

  5. Your 180 is one of my favs.

    TE37/Model V collection = ahhhh

  6. Leave the wheels gunmetal, theres my vote 🙂

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