More 18’s part 2   12 comments

Got tyres fitted, had to play with the gaurds a little… was rubbing a bit. will get better pics on the weekend

17/18 just looks so “right”


Posted March 3, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

12 responses to “More 18’s part 2

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  1. fuck fuck fuck, thats awesome

  2. you win at life


    nigga tuckin’ rim.. your shit must be LOW

  3. wow that looks good. 18″ TE’s look huge to me for some reason.

  4. Is this car lowered?

  5. Ehh, would look much better with some lowering.

  6. Perfect, looks so so so good, had 18×10.5 te37s on my “no kit” silvia but they looked too big, went back to 17s on it but 180s look so right with the 17 18 combo

  7. wow looks nice thing is flushhh

  8. This car blows my mind!

  9. nice halfpipe

  10. fresh man!
  11. Nice!

    What sizes and offsets where you originally running though?

  12. Proper.

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