More 18’s part 3   15 comments

My pair of equips arrived.


Got them from down south, didn’t know the offset or width when I bought them but the photo’s looked right. Turns out they are 11.5″ wide with an offset around -20 (forgot exact offset, to tired to measure again now).

So bolted them on the car to see how they fit


Was thinking of polishing the centers, but the black looks awesome so I’m happy.


Posted March 10, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

15 responses to “More 18’s part 3

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  1. CHROME!

  2. Ugh!

    I Love those wheels. Polished would look amazing.

  3. Black or polished=badass.

  4. sooo dope. Totally dig the black too.

  5. So much lip !!!
    oh and add away !

  6. yeah the lip on these are insane… haha, not a fan of black though. Nice pick up!

  7. Glossy flossy, shiny lips for days. ❤

  8. Looks mean, Leave the centres black creates a contrast between dish and centre spotlighting the dish.

    Onevia looks AMAZING keep that good shit uuuup!

  9. wicked spares joel.


  10. I’m just thinking about how amazingly fun it would be to polish those centres…

  11. you’re such a dirtry slut…awesome

  12. Josh get me your email so I can send you those H pictures.

  13. awesome

    polish’ed would be soooo classy

  14. Jeez yeah, i’m still not sure. Leaning towards polished as I’ve never really liked black centers, but ill wait till i get tyres on and can get the car outside and have a good look.

  15. truth

    think the black might ‘hide’ the center from a distance and rolling

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