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Tonight I went and picked up a cusco/safety 21 bolt in cage.

It came with cool some stickers, going to spray it cusco blue like Adam’s.

Ill try save some of the stickers too

Posted March 24, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Dressup

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  1. congrats on the speedhunters feature guys

  2. I knew your cars were going to be on speedhunters someday.
    Congratulations on the feature !!!!

  3. Paint it YELLOW

  4. nice feature guys!

    cage looks fun, but red, yellow, and now blue?!

    • Thanks guys, I am leaning towards painting it yellow.
      But I think blue would still look good (e.g. haruguchi’s fc) I dunno.
      Ill have a think, I just bought some tape for the video camera for monday. Can’t wait.

  5. are you allowed to drift on taupo?? cars looking sick man. yellow ftw!!!

  6. You guys are awesome. Your cars are BOSS.
    This bar will be cool, neat colour and fun stickers!

    CONGRATS on the Speedhunters.com piece.

  7. looks pretty road boss.

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