Trackday prep   5 comments

Going to taupo on monday, been ages since ive drifted on a real track so can’t wait.

My front tyres were fucked so picked up some toyo t1rs yesterday.

Also a few weeks ago i put a r32 gtst rear brake setup on my car, handbrake is so sick now! but the pedal is way too soft.

Got a r32 gtr N1 spec brake master cylinder from nissan (only gtr without abs)  so going to put that in tomorrow…

then alignment…

then drift


Posted March 24, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

5 responses to “Trackday prep

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  1. I can’t wait for some track pictures.

  2. Chopped I won’t be there to take em…

  3. those tyres are sticky as, you’ll enjoy them

    looking forward to some pics from the trackday, is Joel going?

  4. Looks nice! I’d like to ask you a question though, how did you install the rear brake set-up and especially the handbrake part? I’ve got R33 GTS-T brakes laying somewhere in the garage and I’d like to get them fitted anytime soon but I’ve read that the handbrake is different from S13 and rather a pain in the arse to install.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. I am LOVING my brakes on my car. (R32 GTR front and read, Endless pads and fluid. Project Mu shoes. Some kind of Z32 master cylinder)

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