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So we organised a truck and trailer for Adams car, and drove 5 hours down to taupo for a drift day on Monday. We actually drove down Sunday and stayed the night at a camp.

Got to the track early Monday morning, got the car off the trailer, unloaded all the tools and spares etc.

Watched the first two groups go as adam was in the third, the track is awesome, full track drifting was allowed, and the weather was perfect. Chris even made the trip down in his ute to take photos.

Adam gets out there, does his warm up lap then on his first drift lap

Didn’t even get to drift one corner.

Turbo dead, can’t find a spare, pack up and go home. Awesome.


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam it

On a slightly happier note, another taupo day has been confirmed for june, so we are both heading down for that.


Posted March 31, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

13 responses to “Oh dear

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  1. ;(

  2. bummmer

  3. oh man that sux, sorry to hear, what turbo was it?

    ill be going down to the one in June too, battles on 🙂

  4. Most anticlimatic track day ever

  5. Oh no………… oh well time for an upgrade, i think a trust TD06L2 kit would go nicely on your car

  6. Damn never good when that happens

    Time for a bigger better turbo im guessing

  7. damn that suks

  8. hey, that car looks nice.

    That rear wheel is halfway missing.

  9. Sucks dude. Shit you got pink stickered too?

  10. Oh stink one about the turbo.
    Bring on June 1st! You taking both cars?

  11. lol when’d you get pink’d?

    sucks about the turbo. BIG ONE NOW

  12. Yeah we are taking both cars, got to find something to tow mine. Can’t wait to drive taupo!

  13. i did fnd you a replacement lol but you ignored the offer 😦

    car looks oh so sick with hot road aero!

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