Interior Dress Down   7 comments

So I got a bride brix and random nardi for cheap. Really cheap

Put cage in, still have to grind the front bar mounts off and paint it, but will do that after meremere on monday.

My interiors junk as hell, wicked

Posted April 5, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

7 responses to “Interior Dress Down

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  1. looks good clean up front gutted in the back thats what im gonna do too

  2. Man, your dash is so clean.

  3. that looks more like a bride ergo instead of a bride brix.

  4. Thanks man, I wasn’t to sure.

  5. actually, i just noticed the seat is really old (based on the hole where your racing seat belt harnesses pass through)… so it could be an old version of the brix.

    the major difference is the thigh bolsters… on the newer bride seats that i had, the brix thigh bolsters were huge. i had a ergo which had the same side bolsters that you have, but since it was a newer model, i had 2 holes for the seat belt harnesses instead of 1 like yours.

  6. Benson was the FIRST drifter in the world.

  7. your harness holes looke like cats bumholes

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