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Here’s some photo’s of the beetle adam built before he owned his 180sx.

Photo’s at the New Zealand VW meeting, adam won “lowest beetle” aha, it was awesome, the beam used to smash cats eyes when you drove down the middle off the road.

A tree that fell down just outside our old house.


5″ narrowd beam with adjusters welded in and no shocks
Modded headlight buckets
2″ drop spindles
flipped steering arms
135r15 tyres
atlas white wall inserts


notched spring plates
lowered 3 splines
165r15 tyres
atlas white wall inserts

roof racks, eye lids, bug deflector etc.
He’s definitely going to buy it back if he gets the opportunity.

Oh and this is what it looked like when he bought it

he also built up my mate patricks one too:

pat still owns his, so awesome.

The ladies love them. lol, serious

Posted April 6, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

8 responses to “Shakotan ha

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  1. shit was sicc bro

  2. That Beetle ruled severely hard man, where is it now? Just sold or did something happen to it?

    • Nah, just sold it. Some guy in dad’s hotrod club owns it now, hes raised it a bit too but apart from that its still exactly the same.

  3. Much muchhhh lovin<3

  4. Shit’s buff as hell dude, I really dig it. Just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago and I am envious of you guys’ garage setup…So fucking clean and spacious…Get a lift in there!!! Haha props for the blog, it rules!!

  5. God damn I love Volkswagens.

  6. so classsyyy n fresh

  7. Love the beetle! I’ve got a bright yellow one of my own, they are sickk!

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