Easter Monday   5 comments

Went to another Meremere manji day on Monday. The car went awesome and was far better driving with a decent alignment.
The layout was a handbrake entry hairpin to manji’ing down the drag strip. Lots of fun

Chris came too and chucked his ute around

Ill get some video up soon

Posted April 15, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

5 responses to “Easter Monday

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  1. Looked really good out there bro, Your front kit was taking a hammering.


    That should be all the pictures of you, if you want anymore.

  2. You need to paint your helmet yellow.

  3. awesome!!! a sunny truck!!! and its drifting. are you sure you guys aren’t actually in japan? haha

  4. yeessssss!!

    looking good!

  5. Nice dude. Entry was a bit shaky at the start of the day but was awesome to see you had it locked down in the afternoon.

    Loved seeing that datto out there. I’d imagine it would a tricky little thing to drive!

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