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Took the equips apart to paint strip the centers, got a bit of a shock so thought I’d video the second one.


Whoever sprayed them just sprayed over it, no sanding at all. They came up perfect, not a scratch. Took ten minutes.



Posted April 16, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

17 responses to “AWESOME!

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  1. lol that is indeed AWES!!!

  2. haha thats tight they look baller in chrome anyway


    chrome thank you!

  4. COOL video.

  5. for a second i thought it was a time lapse!


  6. Oh man, you are lucky 🙂 Look great chrome too

  7. Chrome is the best color ever invented.

  8. Fucking beautiful!

  9. What a score

  10. Yeah, that part where the paint peels is in real time too, was pretty cool. Took the equip logo off the center cap and stripped the cap. Put the equip logo back on, and center cap in wheel and AWESOME x10000000000000000000
    I’m happy.

  11. WOW. They look 100% AMAZING now.

  12. Those wheels look awesome

  13. digital… i dont believe it!!!

  14. hey how did you take the rim apart? is there a special tool?

  15. ratatat obsession got you too, huh?

  16. Can you please share the torque specs you used to put the wheels back together? thanks

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