Good and bad   8 comments

So after over a year of daily driving my car it finally got pink stickered…

But i got a new passenger seat


Posted April 21, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

8 responses to “Good and bad

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  1. what was it stickerd for if u dnt mynd me asking?

  2. DEFECTED? that sucks

  3. Reminds me of my seats. Mmmm mmmmm

  4. Oh no, are you going to be on that NZ cops on patrol series thats on our Australian TV? 🙂

  5. He didn’t have a cert. Getting one soon though.
    Defective to the max, you talking about Police 10-7 or something huh nigel? Nah that shows full of drunks, don’t think adam was drunk.
    BH seats / AH seats = 1

  6. Does that mean you can’t drive this car on the street anymore? 😦

  7. ^^ it means he needs to get it certied for the mods, then it will be street legal. Seems all you nz lads are getting defected atm.

  8. my absolute favorite type x on this planet

    can you tell me what the paint code for your car is…it looks a little darker than the stock midnight purple.

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