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Posted May 1, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

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  1. Oh boy.
    Did you cut the stock metal fenders underneath the over fenders?
    From that shot it looks like you still have the metal fenders there behind the over fenders…

  2. i cant get over how good the wing on there pics with equips on asap lol

  3. i see that custom plate

    fucking awesome

  4. i’d have to say perfect sticker location

  5. Car is hot fiyah.
    Love it!!

  6. hae man, if chris hasnt alredy told you. next joe munji date has been confermed. 20th of june. check out garagedori – events for more info.

    see you there!

    • Hey, thanks for letting us know! But we are taking both cars down to taupo for June 1st so all our moneys sunken into that. Don’t think we will be able to make this one, if we can’t we will be at the next one. joe munji looks fun as hell.

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