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I borrowed a friends camera and fish eye lens, so lots of goofy fish eye photos.


Adam got a S15 t28, so his cars up and running again!

Redid my tail lights, coool

Custom plates, one on adams car too

Sent the inners of the equips down to Wellington to get cut and welded an inch narrower. Thats all been done and should be back here tomorrow. Now my vs-xx and the equips match perfect (18 x 10.5’s with practically the same offset), and I don’t have run different tyre sizes. Just need one more rear pair now.

Adam painted my cage

I’ve been talking to Izy at Street Pro, hes decided to help me out, so I got a sticker made up for the car, and some others too. Its good because street pro is where I originally got my BN from, might get some more d-max too.


Got to fix the crack in the front guard too, it lifts the guard and looks all stupid.

Taupo soon, can’t wait.


Posted May 5, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

14 responses to “New STUFF

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  1. You guys are on fire!!

    The stickers are spot on!

  2. I feel your pain with cracking Guards, ive worked out a way to fix this problem once and for all though, check my blog in a couple of months when my car gets a make over 🙂

    Cars looking brilliant, stickers set it off, spare rims are perfect, good stuff

  3. words can not describe how awesome this is

    oh and in america we call them fenders 😀

  4. like…whoa.

  5. Whoa !!
    I like what u did with taillights.

  6. This coupe is totally an inspiration to me. Keep it up.

  7. JDM!

  8. oh-so-stunning!

  9. i love the stickers and the sticker placement, good job!

  10. hey bro, what can i do to get a c’s garage sticker? i’ll sport on my wannabe.


  11. Hi guys,
    Any chance that you can print out more of the C’s Garage stickers for all of us to get? Please?

  12. Do you mind telling me where you got the wheels cut and welded in Wellington please?


    • Bateman racecars
      8 Wingfield Place Churton Park, Wellington, New Zealand

      The guys names gavin, 0272468948. Super nice dude, and the work he did was awesome.

  13. Sweet…thanks man, I’ll go see them this week.

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