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Posted May 20, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

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  1. Oh man!!!! You guys have the rest of the kit?

  2. Oh man…

    Prepare for domination 😀

  3. Hey Adam, is there much diff. between the Hotroad & the OEM Type X Front looks wise apart from the vents??

  4. jeeeeeeez.

    it just doesnt stop!

  5. Can we please get some back-story on this? You don’t just pick up a hotroad bumper from any old corner of the world – is it the real freakin’ deal?

  6. Golly gee!

  7. Oh man

    Hate you guys

    Mad jealous

  8. You guys should be here for ASB in July.


  9. send it to shine auto. mass produce. like a million of them.

  10. Came off a car that was imported and parted out, so brought it as soon as i saw it.

    Holla!, looks like they’ve taken a mold of the oem bumper and added the vents.

  11. Nice! I’m jealous. haha

  12. =)

  13. I thought the Hotroad bumper has a slightly bigger lip?

    I know the skirts and rear bumper pieces are bigger than OEM and

  14. hot road lip is bigger depending on the model i.e. year when it was made

    but they also sells a fiberglass oem style lip that is extended 1 cm

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