Taupo   6 comments

What an awesome day.

Both cars went perfect, perfect weather, minimal damage (adam smashed up his door on a tyre stack and a cone took out my rear bumper), awesome track, so much fun!

Thanks Chris and Kayle for the photos

I need a wee bit more power, so going to save for a rb25 turbo and tune.

Another taupo day soon hopefully.


Posted June 4, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

6 responses to “Taupo

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  1. saw these on chris blog looks like u guys had fun i asked him to see if he can get me a wallpaper size of the 6th pic

    luv ur car bro its my fav coupe

  2. Killer cars, killer shots!

  3. Every time I see these cars in action, I get so happy.
    Excellent shots. It looks like this was a fun day.

  4. lookin good out there

  5. Alignment specs of Adams car please 😛

    So much awesome!!!

  6. yo joel, im buying my old r32 sedan drift car back, its a rb25 and im putting kkk t3t4 on it.

    txt me if your keen on the turbo 🙂

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