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Quick edit, just chucked it all together.

First time for me and second time for Adam drifting on the track, super fun though.


Posted June 5, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Uncategorized

11 responses to “Video

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  1. Nice driving buy both! Love the Type X!

  2. Maybe when I’m thru with Japan I’ll ship over there haha

    track looks fun

    +1 on the music too

  3. Yes to everything. 93 til infinity was playing on my iTunes earlier today.

    Adam keep on liquefying that rubber!

  4. great video! your cars look great!

  5. goodstufff guys!

  6. Hiero huh….


  7. Dope vid!

    – Daren

  8. fantastic… love both of the cars, only wish i could hear more of the onevias six screaming!

    great music and editing… damn unhappy i missed taupo that day!


  9. awesome! the other place you guys always drive is very slow but good practice.

    This track really shows your guys talent at driving!

  10. Great cars !!! how much hp have both cars ? and how long u train drifting i realy like ur drift style!
    greetings from germany !

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