Raining   19 comments

The weather in Taupo was pretty horrible for the track day, dried up around 3pm so we all got a few dry runs in.
Our friend shaun brought his s14 along too. It was reaally slipery..

Super fun though.

Thanks Joe and Keisuke for the photos.

More grip for both Adam and I, and more power for me coming soon. Plus some cool parts that we are both super excited for.


Posted July 21, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

19 responses to “Raining

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  1. You guys were goin real good! some cool tandem at the end Joel haha. If you guys want some cut spindles hit me up, we can do them! Mark with the green ugly a$$ FC!

  2. Absolutely Perfect.

  3. More pics from the day up now guys! Enjoy!

  4. lol funny you got a bunch of tires fitted to not even have to burn through them

  5. Looking hot as always!!
    That S14 is cool too.

    Too bad for the rain though.
    I hate rainy trackdays.

  6. ‘Super’… Made?

  7. hey MATES, that silver s14 is really cool.

    body kit is great. wheel seem to be great.

    love it!

    I want one of those again.

  8. Good Shit, Top Effort!
    car’s are looking great as always


  9. whoa, the last picture looks like it’s straight out of a videogame. Weeeiiiird

  10. Brian, hes got matching 03’s for the rear, 10″ +22 ahaha aawww.
    There might be some super made coming, can quite remember ha.
    Mark, ill actually have some proper grip and power next time so I might have more of a chance keeping up!!

  11. pics of s14 on said blitz 03’s 😦

  12. no Supermade.

    Keep it like it is.


    silver late model s14.. 03s

    I am PRETTY sure I scanned up some pics of one that looks EXACTLY like that from old ass issues of Battle Magazine.

  13. Pretty nice pictures !
    I love the way you ride sooooooo low ! Second picture is damn epic !
    Any chance to find a high res of some of them as wallpaper ?

  14. Ill get some photos of shauns car when he gets his front bumper fixed and back on.
    Not supermade kit brian, accessories! and link me to the scanned s14 please.
    Peter you could contact joe & keisuke, thanks for the comment from Amsterdam.

  15. why is your car low?

    isnt that bad for a suspension geometry roll center ackerman camber tyre issue.

  16. Good driving as always guys. Got a couple of pics my gf got. Will PM them through

  17. Hey mate nice car, just wondering where you got your bn sports stickers from? cheers flick me an email at still___@hotmail.com if easier

  18. Thanks andrew, my friends said you were killing it!
    Just got a sign writer to make up the stickers.
    Whats camber?

  19. awesome looking cars, loving it! what coils are yall running?

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