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So joels car has really been lacking in rear grip. One of the main reasons is that to fit the wheels without bulging out the rear overs to much we had to run 3.5 degrees of camber. We wanted to get that down to around 0.5-1 degrees and the solution we came up with was to shorten the rear lower arms by 10mm. I had to make up a jig to shorten them as the arms dont pivot parralell with the car they sit at an angle.

Standard arm:

Modified arm:

Will be good to test it out at the next trackday,




Posted July 29, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Camber?

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  1. Looks nice

    Does everything still camber up into the wheel well under compression?

  2. Yea Rob still cambers in like normal. the way i see it its almost the same as lengthening the ruca to get rid of the camber. i know some suspension geeks will propably prove me wrong. but if it doesnt work we can always go back to standard arms.

  3. Did you set the car up level from the rails with the spirit level then go from there?

  4. very cool

  5. My only concern would be you will be compressing the driveshafts by doing this I would have thought? Unless you are doing some work on them too?

  6. This was enough to subscribe, but pics of in-progress and before-and-after of the lca’s would be pretty awesome. There’s very little that’s better than proper metalwork to adjust geometry.

    Seriously though, driveshaft compression? Are you going to shorten the half-shafts, or have you moved the strut perches accordingly so the shafts don’t compress on rebound?

  7. Since the cars so low, the half shafts sit on a big angle, so theres enough play in them to shorten the arms without binding. Will be good to see how it works after we get the car running and a tune.

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