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I can’t find any photos of when I first got the skyline. It looked exactly like this:

But way rougher, green bootlid, primer patch, and scratches all over it.

We fitted up the BN tonight, it came with black primer so I took a quick photo, I love bn:

So far we’ve put on 5 stud hubs and brakes, coilovers, adam’s model 5’s, bn and some adjustable arms.

I’ve got some wheels for it on the way from japan, and am still collecting parts. Ill get some more photo’s when the kits all painted and the car looks a bit nicer.


Posted July 31, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Uncategorized

16 responses to “r32 daily, update

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  1. Great, I love this generation of Skyline ! As I know the other C’s Garage’s cars, I can’t wait for the finished version of this one ! That’s gonna be badass !

  2. Use it as a daily??

    You’ll probably spend more time fixing the aero than actually driving it!

    Looks badass though!

  3. I am so fucking jealous. BN R32 has been my dream for years.

  4. Oh boy..BN for a daily R32. It’s gonna be hot once it’s all painted and gets new wheels.

  5. Looks sick, saw you cruising down wairau when it was stock body.

    Happy b day for the other day too.


  6. Man you guys rule. Instantly 100x times more bad ass than most skylines out there in NZ.


  7. “It’s gonna be hot once it’s all painted and gets new wheels.”

    lol this guy..

  8. done so right its finished with proper paint

  9. Looks good man!

  10. awesome daily!!

  11. looks sicc u should murder it out

  12. In your hands this will be even better than Abo Moon R32’s.

    Or this:

  13. No r32 will ever be better than abo moons r32s! Ever!

  14. Miss my old 32 4 Door 😦

  15. 32 Sedans are my fave!!!

    I agree that Abo Moon 32s are hard to beat…

    But I seriously can’t wait to see how yours turns out, C’s Garage style is DOPE!


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