The weekend   11 comments

So on saturday morning our old man came back from LA with some cool shit…..


PSM knuckle kit,

thanks part shop max.

o yea and this!

genuine 326 Power wing,

thanks dousan.

Joel quickly wet sanded the wing ready for me to spray it. The red that it was painted is crazy, so bright! It took 4 coats of white just to cover it. We also sprayed up Joels d-max roof wing.

While the wing was drying over night i put my knuckles in…

need to get some longer tie rods and an alignment then i can test them out, can wait!

Then on sunday…..

just quickly bolted the rear arms back in, so the camber/toe is all funky. Also by getting rid of alot of the camber in the back its raised it up, so we will have to address that!


Posted August 26, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

11 responses to “The weekend

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  1. SICK! wing looks good.

    Manji this weekend?

  2. Wing looks great!

    Details on your spraybooth,

  3. Wing looks nice.

  4. Yeop thats completely awesome.

  5. Wing looks CRAZY…… im in love with it. Good work fellas.

  6. wing looks absolutely incredible.

  7. Oh fuck yes.

  8. Very nice man.Whats the yellow paint code and whats it off?

  9. Wing is for winners. Surely this is finished aesthetically now? Its perfect!

  10. 326 wing lookin PROPER!


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