TE THIRTYSEVEN   12 comments

Totally out of the blue i ended picking these up last night

So now i have 10 te37’s

4x 17×9 +15 and 6x 18×9.5 +12

I think i have a problem!


My model 5s are up for sale so any NZ dudes that are keen on them hit me up.

Posted September 8, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

12 responses to “TE THIRTYSEVEN

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  1. God damn do you have stocks in rays now or what? Why bother investing in property when you can do wheels hahaha

  2. admitting it is the first step to recovery. Though, I wouldn’t say you need to recover from collecting TE’s…

  3. a TE fetish!!

    and the same color at that?!?!?!

    crazy talk right there…

  4. damnit, man.

    just for that, I’m going to take LONGER sending you stickers.

    (I have to make some more anyways)

  5. Dam, we both have issues. I currently own, 4 17×9.5+12 2 17×9+0 2 18×10.5+22 2 17×10+18 and 2 17×9+15…………. waiting on 4 18×10.5+15 bahaha Want to talk to doctor together. Nothing wrong with stocking up on the best wheel ever to be made 🙂

  6. Well Played Sir.

  7. Damn it. Right after I order my XT7s, Advans come up!… FML.

  8. Omg adam :S gah :O very nearly on par with Nigel… now u just need a PS13 to go with them 😛

  9. MONEY.

  10. how much for advans? email me

  11. Luckyyyyy…

  12. Sigh…… I remember when I had 10 TEs.

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