We got a new car!   15 comments

Adam and I went halves.

Plans for it are, 4age, ae86 gear, 14’s, paint, low, and to drift at as many meremere/manji days as we can.

Posted September 22, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

15 responses to “We got a new car!

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  1. Fuuucckk!

  2. monster

  3. “Monster” afraid not hilton its far from it.

    However it is my 2nd favourite car of all time after and 86.

    I envy you guys sooo much!

    You are soo rich an the garage! awww the garage! 😦

  4. Rich? I am a university student and work part time at a clothing store, and adams an apprentice builder, so we are far from rich!!

  5. Not rich by monetary means but, rich with cool car stuff and brotherly love and such an awesome garage. Awww the garage!
    Please through a party in your garage soon and invite the world!

  6. Joel, I need new shoes, hook me up. Oh and 4age turbo or else.

  7. shit will be sicc when ur finished always loved the 4age

  8. You guys are gonna make it look so cool aswell.
    You gonna roll 14s?
    You gonna street roll it too? My streeter will be ready sometime soon.
    I got 8.5s and 9 in 14 inchers too!

  9. haha TRIDENTS!

  10. Yeah nick, going to run 14’s. Just going to get it drifting first, the rego has lapsed so will get it re-vinned eventually.
    NA 4age and straight pipe! Like this http://www.sift.jp/
    and mark all shoes at work suck.

  11. C’s Garage goes old school, can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  12. Haha, this is going to be interesting. That link you posted = _b

    thanks for the tyres joel 🙂

  13. Yes joel this is a very cool car. Hope it didn’t set you back much

  14. This is awesome. Can’t wait to see it after the full blown C’s treatment!

  15. Mean! Iv got a mate whos building one with a coil sprung rear end. Motorfix style adding a wagon onto a sedan.

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