Raining Hotroad   10 comments

So back in June i ordered some hotroad sides and rear to go with the front bumper i already had and they arrived a few weeks ago. Got it all painted last weekend, the paint didnt turn out the best, but il just wait untill it gets a bit beaten up before i respray it.

Some crap pics in the rain, will get some better ones on the weekend 


Posted September 23, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

10 responses to “Raining Hotroad

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  1. Perfection.

  2. Hi Koguchi.

    This looks amazing!

  3. No other word says it better than “Perfect.”

  4. haha, you freakin’ guys.

    It’s like you buy and own every single cool part that could be made for s13, coupe or hatch.

    THEN, you guys branch out and build side project cars like 4 door 32s.

    New Zealand must be some kind of dream world.


  5. heh


  6. Nice Adam! Is it just me or have you lowered the car too? Maybe its the larger aero.. who knows.

  7. Amazing man! new aero looks so so good, if only all New Zealanders had the same vision as you guys. Keep it up

  8. Awesome. ❤

  9. that car hurts me in so many levels…i gotta sell mine

  10. That is possibly the most beutiful car i have ever seen! hot road aero + te37 = pure class!

    well done keep up the good work, i cant wait to see what you guys do with the 4 door r32!


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