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Adam went to test his knuckles at a manji day at Meremere yesterday.

The day was run by Team S-Club/Joe Munji, and was awesome.  Awesome people, cool cars, lots of food and heaps of track time. So much fun.

The PSM knuckles work good

and a quick vid of Mel (180sx), Hugo (ae86) and Adam

Can’t wait to test the knuckles at a proper track.


Posted September 28, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

4 responses to “Joe Munji

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  1. Sweet Jesus you have epic lock.

  2. Thats heaps sick.. aye.

  3. Feel free to use my pics,
    Awesome day, Nice vid of you mel and hug-o!

  4. oh god, dont you start Kei! Marks bad enough, hug-o, huggels, huggie. sheeshh haha

    vids sweet joel, i need more lock.

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