Munji clip   12 comments

Olly from taupakidriftclub was there on sunday filming and put this video together, pretty sweet for his first video i think.


Posted October 2, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Uncategorized

12 responses to “Munji clip

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  1. nice footy…

    can we get some updated pics of Joel’s car??

  2. Nice clip!

    +1 For more picks.

  3. PS: Whats the name of the Song?

  4. Great clip, great song.

  5. Awesome clip man!.. love the slow motion

  6. Enjoyed that vid

    Song is by QOTSA –

  7. That’s a sweet, sweet clip.

  8. Awesome vid!

  9. jesus christ, NZ listens to qotsa too?

    you guys are killer.

  10. Make It Wit Chu. queens of the stone age.

    awesome vid and song selection

    jesse (driftfaction
  11. Awesome vid, nice work with the QOTSA! very cool…

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