Nigel sent over a few things for us the other week.

These are so awesome.

Your the man nigel, thanks!


Posted October 7, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

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  1. Please explain more about these?

  2. hmmmm .. . . .
    Me=Fail . . . .What am I looking at? lol

  3. I presume they go in the rack. And having the holes offseted it help in arm movement for more lock? Correct me if im wrong just want i think its for.

  4. Yep, they are offsetted spaces for the tie rods, i read that Adam needed longer tie rods to suit his PBM knuckles and i knew these would do the trick and also eliminate any binding issues he may have. I run them on all my cars and they work a treat. Adam just make sure the locking nut is hard up against the back face of the offset spacer so theres no chance of bending in a ripple strip hit. I recieved the stickers too, cheers fellas.

  5. bro

    photobucket cant hang

  6. i want to see pics!

  7. please take these to a machine shop here and get them copied. i need these for the s14, real talk!

  8. Aha, no copying man. Contact nigel though, pretty sure hes selling them now.

  9. have you got an email for nigel?? i want these and some knuckles done maybe

  10. I really want to see pictures of these installed, I’m very curious as to how they work!

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