Corolla Update   14 comments

Picked up a bunch of stuff for the corolla the other day.

Blue top 4age, oversized pistions, twin sidedrafts, cams etc.

Picked up a pair of SSR star sharks. Heres a photo of us working out what offsets we need, since we are new to this toyota business. We will be getting new outers made up for them, so they will end up 8.5j – 15ish and we will run them on the front. The main reason for the new outers is that the other one looks like this:

Adam came home on saterday from pick-a-part with a 22spline t40 out of a old corona with a 3t in it. So if anyone has a t series box to 4age bell housing let us know!

Box of stuff in the boot thats ready to go in, just waiting on a bell housing so that adam can fab up the mounts.

ripped out the old 4k and box, it took us like 20 minutes, old cars are awesome.

Posted October 7, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Corolla

14 responses to “Corolla Update

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  1. Star Sharks are badass.

  2. oh shit, here we go again. Excitement!!!

  3. Yo you guys are amazing! cant wait to see pics of this thing slideing.

  4. haha theres more toyota’s in your garage than nissans atm!

  5. cool build!

    Is it staying that color or is there a paintjob in the future?

  6. build look like it going good

  7. good stuff !! lucky you guys have the 2dr wagons

    the 22spline is the old one t40 ..get the recent one

  8. External cam gears look so cool.

  9. Where are you getting the new outers for the starsharks? Is there somewhere up north that makes alloy outer rims? They can only make steel wheels down here. (Christchurch)

  10. Yessss that looks so ill! That model rocks, cannot wait to see what becomes of this project!

  11. T50 23 spline ..stronger unit

    • they never made a 23 spline…. only 20 and 22. what they have is exactly the same as a ae86 gearbox but 4 speed. ive seen it in person. xx

  12. Awesome…!!! Check this one out :

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