Sunday Supsension Work   15 comments

We spent today getting a few things done to get my s13 rolling again so it can go off for a tune.

Adam did a sick job fitting and welding up my new strut tops that Nigel sent over.  So awesome

The inner guard before under seal

all finished up and primered

and heres my lower arms that adam finished shortening

comparison to an unmodified arm.


Posted October 18, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

15 responses to “Sunday Supsension Work

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  1. Will Adam be doing the same to his Rear Lower Control Arms? Would he mod some and Send them over for me?

    Nigel Rear Strut mod is bad ass!

  2. Good stuff fellas, glad the strut tubes came out like you hoped. The diameter was ok? wasnt to hard to slip them up in the chassis?

  3. Diameter was perfect man, took a bit of force to get them in, but that meant that they were nice and snug in there.

    Jase Ill send you an email after we have tested them at the next track day. Should be sweet to make you up a set.

  4. Awesome! Look forward to hearing how they go 🙂

  5. fuck i love the way you guts do you’re cars…

    never ever thought about shortening lower arms to reduce camber but thats a sweet idea!

    how much lower can you actually go in the rear now? was already pretty slammed!

  6. We only decided do shorten the lower arms as my overs couldn’t be bulged much more without looking stupid, and I was running round 4 degrees rear camber, so it was either shorten the rear arms or less offsetted wheels. Turned out great though!

    Re doing the strut tops was just so I could get it back to the original rear height. When we took all the camber out of the back it raised it up a lot, and my coil overs were already maxed out low.

  7. this is s-chassis black magic

  8. wow this is ridiculous i was just thinking about modifying the strut tops to do this exact same thing

    and then i check your blog bam there it is


  9. thats tight work guys i like the strut tube idea

  10. Can you shorten a pair of stock S13 RUCA and sell it to me? Haha.

  11. Can I buy some of those strut tower extender things? I’d really like to do that to my car.

    Bad ass.

  12. Were can I get some of the strut tops? I really want to do that to my car it’s a very good idea!! Please email me back and let me know thanks allot

    P.s. Your cars are perfect love the blog

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