Skyline Update   17 comments

A while ago the r32 got pink stickered and ordered off the road, so I’ve been spending some time and money getting it all legal again. Thats all sorted now.

I also got a pair of model 5’s,

they came black, so I sanded them back and adam resprayed them a bit  nicer.

Fitted some of the parts that I’d collected, its still a piece, but its getting there.

The crack in the front bumper is from a cats eye that hit the other day when changing lanes, maybe BN on an r32 wasn’t the best idea for a daily aha.


Posted November 9, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Uncategorized

17 responses to “Skyline Update

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  1. lol superb idea actually!

  2. na its just a matter of lifestyle really and where your going with the car, otherwise THIS IS PERFECT!

  3. BN on daily especially 4 door is always a good idea. Check out my IS/SXE thingy in my link.

  4. Four door R32 with BN… I am so jealous. 😀

  5. Don’t be a wuss.
    Paint that thing blue with sparkles.

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  7. incorrect, it is the best idea for a daily.

    what it lacks in practicality, it makes up in DOORS.

  8. Golly gee willikers. You own three of my most favorite automobiles from my most favorite era. The only vehicle left to complete the collection is an FC3S. 🙂

  9. Sorry, meant to say ‘favourite.’

  10. Looks sick man, might have to shoot up for a lookie!

  11. shit looks sicc bro are u gonna leave the car black?

  12. Nahh it need paints bad.

    Aha matej, don’t tempt Adam, hes wanted an FC for years!

  13. in hawaii we’d call your car a “manapua killer”. goooood stuff man.

  14. BN Sports makes anything look good

  15. What are the Specs on the Blitz 03’s?

  16. more photos of this asap Joel!!!!

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