The boat arrived   13 comments


Posted November 12, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

13 responses to “The boat arrived

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  1. 19’s are for poser’s. heh Moar pics of dush!

  2. +1 Moar Picks!

  3. I’ll third that, more pics!

  4. Tell me you didn’t get Kranze. My life is a never ending search for Kranze. I wake up in the morning, I think of Kranze. I go to sleep in the evening, I dream of Kranze.

  5. ahh you dudes dont give up! be charitable an sen sme them dollars up this way!! 😉 keep the good shit comin!

  6. doughpe shit!!!!!!!!! +1 more piks!!

  7. this is so exciting…

  8. I want to see!

  9. Come on Joel full picts champ!

  10. there you go, sorry ilia!

  11. seriously where do you guys get the funds for all these wheels

  12. Just save. I only work part time while at uni, but 90% of my earnings is spent on stoopid car stuff.

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