Kranze   26 comments

The centers are a bit worn out, but ill fix that after the next trackday.

You can kind of see the new mirrors in the first pic too.


Posted November 17, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

26 responses to “Kranze

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  1. FUCK
    hug-o and mark

  2. :O

  3. oh em gee

  4. Definitely worth the hard work.
    How does that tucking work out?
    Do they need a lot more space compared to the 18’s?

  5. are they 19s? ive always wanted these wheels after the 1st time i saw magician s14 so suere’

  6. Nah they tuck up fine man.
    Yup 19’s max.

  7. Sick!

  8. incredible…everytime i think this car has achieved it’s best, it gets even better.

  9. Game over.

    NZ wins.

  10. more shots soon?

  11. Yes, so nice. I love how C’s Garage buys everyone’s dream parts, haha.

  12. amazing !!!

  13. wow!

  14. what’s the sizing on those?….damn sick as always.

  15. hoooooly ballsack. So much lip

  16. woooow.

    can you give the rest of us a chance C’s Garage??

    i mean, FUCK! absolutely no comp for you guys at the moment.

  17. Damn! Killed it! Definitely no competition right now.

  18. Yeop thats completely awesome.

    Mirrors East Bear or Ganadors? Hard to tell being Dark.

  19. Jizz in my pants…

  20. Oh my god how does this car keep getting better???

    You guys just continue to blow my mind.

  21. speechless….are the work equips for sale lol

  22. Pretty much the same sizing as my 18’s, but in 19″.

    The mirrors are east bear’s man, i’ve wanted a pair for as long as I can remember! and the kranze are drift spares along with the equips, never selling those!

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  23. This is definitely one of the nicest coupes out there. The style is literally unreal. Looks like a cartoon brought into real life

  24. how does one get a Cs garage sticker? can we do a sticker trade? =)


  25. Wow. Just wow.

  26. I am the same. The day I saw East Bear mirrors I always wanted them since then, and was even lucky enough to pick an Electric pair for cheap not to long ago 🙂

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