Bride trim   19 comments

Totally forgot i hadn’t even done a post on getting my door cards and glove box retrimed in red logo bride fabric.

Pretty stoked with how they turned out, my supermade mats and some interior paint (when i get a proper cage) will finish it off nicely i think. 

Have slowly been fixing my front bumper from getting banged up at taupo.


and where im at now…

Also a few weekends ago i made up a rack to put all our wheels on instead of them lying all around the workshop.


Posted November 24, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam

19 responses to “Bride trim

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  1. so cool

  2. C’s builders.

  3. lovin’ the red. nice change from the typical grayscale bride trim.

  4. God I love your interior!!

    I want a red brix aswell.

  5. Mmmmmmmm

    No real cage needed.

  6. Looks awesome!

    Thought about doing the headliner too?

  7. Rad. We got similar Double Din’s lol.

  8. You guys coming down to Taupo on 6th?

  9. 20mins build time for the rack?

  10. door cards

  11. Jealous about that bride int. >_< nice work adam! 😛

  12. hey how’d you do the gauges in the dash? i love the interior looks sick mann

  13. nice builds all around guys!

  14. i was just wondering if you guys had any stickers made up. i want to rep C’s on my mx83 cressida. let me know i will paypal you some cash if you have any to send. thanks

  15. hey man just wondering whats the colour of that dark purple 180 thanks

  16. hey,
    question about your tire/wheel shelf you made,
    just wondering whats the depth of it? the measurement between the 2 pieces of wood that the tires/wheels sits on?

    and its it quite sturdy? or did you have to mount it on the wall there


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