Good and Bad   12 comments

Another track day down in Taupo on sunday.

Adam had an awesome time, tandeming the whole day with Hugo and Mark. Was awesome to watch, can’t wait for some video.

My car had problems with the drivers side axle binding, as we put in a r200 diff before the trackday (had smaller r180 before). Raising the back about 4cm seemed to fix that, but this ment, with the shortened lower arm’s and the camber arms as short as they could go, I had around 0 degrees camber. The car just wouldn’t slide with brand new 235’s and all the rear grip, so I spent most the day clutch kicking round looking silly trying to get it to slide. Oh well, Adams going to shorten some axles for me, so the next track day will be awesome 5 deep tandems hopefully.

More photos from the day: Keisuke, Chris, and Kayle


Posted December 9, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

12 responses to “Good and Bad

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  1. you you guys have some great cars. keep up the good work.

  2. So good. Bummer about your car dude but did you try and skid on the 19’s at all? East Bears seriously need to be painted and on right now!

  3. At least u the option to run a R200. I’m stuck with a R160.

    Sik pics

    Insane angle on the 3rd pic (o_O)in a very good way

    Nothing wrong with clutch kickin lol

    2nd Gen Legacy wagon spotted on last pic *HOORAY*

  4. looks like a sweet event.

    jumbo 326power sticker is awesome.

  5. tough break joel

    but hey your car still looks sweet

    hope that helps you sleep at night

  6. too much awesome in this post.

  7. That windshield C’S GARAGE is fantastic!!!

  8. Joel, I REALLY think your car would look 100x more badass with yellow sprayed interior metal too. 🙂

  9. No drifting on the 19’s this time :(, not much drifting at all for me really that day, more clutch kick grip racing thingingmabobby due to mad grip. Next event though!
    Yeah Brian, matching paint when I get full cage. Gotta have full weld in to enter the team drift comps, and take passengers at open days over here.
    Thanks soap, slept like a baby last night.

  10. Don’t be like that Leslie. You made a big impact with your post, more adequate than you most likely think. About the series …

  11. Love the corolla what aero is that?

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