MAX Subframe Solid Riser   11 comments

All done.


Posted December 12, 2009 by Joel Hedges in Joel

11 responses to “MAX Subframe Solid Riser

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  1. Can you please explain what Raising the Subframe does?

  2. i have these

    they are fantastic

    solid upgrade 😉

  3. was wondering if u were interested in swapping stickers! i have some from the blog i post on =) . keep doin’ what ur doin’


  4. Can you please tell me what camber arms those are? That’s my favorite kind, with the nut on the inside. Haven’t been able to find any for sale though, besides Ebay ones.

  5. Look like Ikeya Formula.

    Thats $$$

  6. Yeah dog, ikeya

    Subframe raise = less angle on arms/axles.

  7. Looks good Joel!
    How easy are they to install?
    I’ll probably get some too along with the PSM rucas and toe rods.

  8. How much did these set you back Joel? Where from?

  9. Looking good Joel, extend your traction rod 10-15mm while everythings out, it will bring everything back to where it needs to be, it will free up the bushes and align your coilover to the inside of the camber arm. Will also bring your rear ride height down about 8mm 😉

  10. Your always doing little things to your car that makes it that much better. Looking good brah

  11. looking awesome dude, cant believe how many people use nigels knuckles

    nigel youre cute

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