Parts Arrived (pt. 1)   5 comments

I sent my knuckles over to Nigel in Melbourne just before Christmas to get cut up, they just arrived back today.

I also got a pair of his tie rod spacers, the knuckles and the spacers both look awesome, thanks Nigel.

To save on shipping costs to Aussie, Adam decided to mod the lower arms himself

Heres the bottoms all braced up, and  the lock stops removed.

Can’t wait to drive with them, check out Nigels blog, thanks again man.


Posted January 12, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

5 responses to “Parts Arrived (pt. 1)

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  1. nigels blog is actually,

    check it out!!

    nice work guys

  2. Hiya guys, how much have the knuckles been shortened by? I am looking to modify the knuckles on my 33 but i’m not sure what route to go down. Thinking about going down the MAX route. But the above way combined with an interesting looking tie rod spacer looks good also.

  3. cool, nice work boys! Nigel is the man 🙂

  4. Thanks for the plug and your business Joel, pleasure to deal with. You are going to love the way the car drives now.

  5. Good work. How much more angle have you achieved?

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