Shauns Car   10 comments

I went out with Chris and our good friend Shaun to get some much needed photos of his car. Its awesome

Just need to get this dude out on the track more now.

Check Chris’s blog for more.


Posted January 26, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Uncategorized

10 responses to “Shauns Car

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  1. perfect.

  2. Always nice to see a well put together S14. I wish more people in my area did cars with the attention to detail you all seem to do.

  3. Gets better and better

  4. Didnt this car have a Kuoki (sp) Wing?


  5. What soapgun said–“Perfect”…

  6. Wow, very clean… love the stance and how clean the car is overall!

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  8. posted up on my blog. (is wack at the moment)

    A+ car.

  9. Are those 19’s?

  10. 18’s all round brother.

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