1st Hampton Downs Twilight Session   13 comments

On Saterday we headed down to an evening session at the recently completed Hampton Downs racetrack. Awesome track, and its only around an hour away from our place, sick.

Once again Adams car went perfect, mine not so much. I managed to snap an axle, kill another rear gaurd, and blow 3rd. Oh well, we are almost there with getting everything on the car where we want it to be.

Waz’s car with its new 1jz and paint looking heaps sick.

Mels new JZX100 and new model 5’s.

Mark and Hugo.

Michael and his soarer.

Thanks to Chris and Kayle for the photos, check their blogs for more.
Oh, and my whole rb20 setup is for sale, so if any of you NZ guys want any parts off it let me know.

Posted February 1, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

13 responses to “1st Hampton Downs Twilight Session

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  1. dope cars… love the paint on your 180

  2. Tuff luck Joel!
    Pics look awesome though!
    You gonna join the 1jz club? 😛

  3. Looking rad dudes. Got some snaps of your cars over on my blog. If you get a sec be sure to check them out!



  4. shit, insane cars. every single one of them is just off lips, you nz boys know whatsup

  5. hay mate how much for ur plenum? wat injectors do u have? txt if u can 027******

  6. Looking good as always guys!

  7. how much for your injectors?

  8. Sorry, injectors and plenum went to a mate. Exhaust manifold/wastegate setup and wasted spark is gone too. The rest is all for sale !

  9. Very beautiful! C’s Garage always killing it!

  10. hey Adam, whats the color code on your midnight purple? shoot me an email if you get a minute

  11. it should be LP2, at least that’ s what 180sx sales brochure tells, the paint code can be found on drivers door pillar.

  12. awesome cars fellas, i was just wondering what car is that car red 1? i think its a cressida but not sure what model looks insane big fan

  13. nevermind just realised its a jzx81

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