Hampton Video   9 comments

Chris’s first attempt at editing, came out pretty cool I thought


Posted February 4, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

9 responses to “Hampton Video

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  1. Rad.

  2. Sweet! The tire at the end is crazy, haha.

  3. you boys getting that shit locked down now, respect!

  4. More ‘De La’ and ‘Tribe’ in Drift Videos!

    It came out great for a first-time editor!


  5. joel ur car looks + sounds amazing

  6. That was sweet !
    Looks like a fun track.

  7. Dear C’s Garage,
    If you would be so kind as to email me your postal address to irony@matejblahut.com, it would be most appreciated.
    Thank you.

  8. love your cars

    was just wondering.. wat specs are teh front wheels on Adams 180?

    ive got a 180sx with the same sort of style (got the influence off koguchia nd you guys haha) and im gettin enw rims but im tossing it up to get 17x9s or 17×9.5 on the front?

    cheers guys

  9. good stuff guys

    hey, could someone drop me an email when you get a chance?

    I had a question about NZ

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