PBM Rear End   8 comments

My rear setup is full of their stuff now.

Received my traction rods and camber arms just before the last track day at hampton. I needed the camber arms as my ikeya ones were hitting the chassis rail, so decided to get the traction rods at the same time.

Part shop max stuff is awesome, so big and chunky.


Posted February 10, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “PBM Rear End

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  1. haha so weird seeing the coilover so close like that and not maxed out

    good stuff

  2. Wow, is that gonna hit when the suspension moves?

  3. tight like a tiger

  4. Good shit bro! Im using the same arms on my S14

  5. Shipping much for these parts?

  6. aren’t those RUCAS supposed to sweep the other way?

  7. looks awesome dude

    re to s0apgun, cos the car sits so low (which is awesome haha) the coilover actually moves to the back so it clears the camber arm..

    are these arms actaully s14 arms? cos im having the same problem with my car/ the coilover is moving to the back of the camber arm heaps and rubs on the back of the loop :S

  8. Nice setup. Looks sturdy.(love the orange) I need some S13 coilovers on my Z.

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