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Posted February 23, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

19 responses to “Rocky !

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  1. Already my favorite onevia out there and now a jz swap?! You guys are too Ill down there.

  2. Chocolate Lab? So cool man.

    • Rocky is Marks dads dog, he is too awesome. He does sweet huge jumps off stuff, even though hes to young to jump yet. He don’t care.

  3. Goodbye Mr. 20 😦

  4. the coolest car in the world just got cooler.

  5. I think the most amazing thing about that picture is that, you’re still running the stock wheel wells and not running tubs! hahahaha

    Cute dog too!

  6. Very cool!

  7. Looks awesome. Check your PM’s on S-chassis! Matt

  8. Ahhh this is awesome, will be great with the new motor

  9. Oh lawd have mercy!!

  10. screw the engine! i want the puppy!!!!

  11. can’t wait to hear this thing rip

  12. Oh, also, in addition to painting the engine bay yellow, please weld those strut tower bar ends onto the strut tower. Cool guy old school style.

  13. Sick!

  14. I used to just “like” this car, now I really like it.

  15. big ballers

  16. im sure the proper measures will be followed in order to make this engine sound like a banshee. carry on.

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