Billspeer Ultimate Knuckles   19 comments

Me and Mark from Blink are making these sweet knuckles to fit S13, S14 and S15’s (we are also making fc rx7 knuckles)


  •  Insane steering lock
  • Quicker steering response
  • Dropped Tie-Rod Pickup to suit low cars
  • Huge reduction in ackerman
  • Modified Lower control arm with steering stop removed and welded reinforcments
  • Designed to work with stock style Tie rods
  • Metallic paint finish

Available for $375, modification will be done to your standard spindles and lower control arms.

contact for more information

Posted February 24, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Adam

19 responses to “Billspeer Ultimate Knuckles

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  1. Just me or that a modification of Beerspill.

  2. hey adam, what driver side seat do you have?

  3. Damn I drive an S30Z.

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  5. where do i send my knucles??

  6. What if I was enquiring bilspeer’s expert ability on a set of factory spindles from a 1980 chevy monte carlo? Would they even touch it? Trying a different approach to an american drift car.

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  11. Have you guys tried doing them for an r33 before?? pretty keen on some.

  12. sent you an email about a week ago?
    are you still doing these?

  13. i already bought some so too late unfortunately =[

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