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Adam finished up the engine and gearbox mounts. Both the engine and gearbox are solid mounted.

Its pretty much all plumbed up, just a few more things then we can get started on wiring and fun stuff like paint and exhaust.


Posted March 1, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

11 responses to “Solid

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  1. ooooh solid mounts! should be interesting!

    you guys work fast! can’t wait to see this things sliding round a track again

  2. Awesometown!

  3. this car just keeps getting better n better i wish i had a welder so i could make some stuff for my car while i wait for my motor

  4. what box are you using? When do you plan to have it going by?

  5. wow awesome stuff! my favorite coupe on all the internet never stops getting better!

  6. Adams a damn good welder by the looks of things. Your cars gonna be an animal haha

  7. Geeehz guys that was quick… looks good…. Joel, u remember mine with those semi solids in… fuck cant see anything through windows :S and ur fillings come loose :S hahaha would luv to c it 😀 got a spot free in the w/end…

    PS my car spilled its fluids (water… phew) the water pump seal went on it… pump only 2 y/o… need to drive the car more i think….

    ANy1 around with mad as hook up on SR water pumps?? 😀

  8. i’ve been following your blog for a bit, like the cars & dig the work you put into them!

    have any of you used solid mounts on all points before? by making all points solid, the engine & transmission unit becomes a stressed member, forced to deal with inevitable chassis flex (even after all the seam-welding and cagework)… on our cars, just to allow for the flex, the transmission mount gets some 80-durometer urethane instead!

  9. Damn sick swap.

  10. nice setup mate…cant wait to see at in action…

  11. any more on this?

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