Fun Stuff   8 comments

Like wiring and painting, ahah.

I’ve been a bit slack with the updates. We have been doing lots of little things, rounding up small parts, and doing small uncool stuff for the 1j.

About a week ago we stripped the engine bay down and painted it.

Same yellow as the rest of the car.

Also Adam sprayed a few more parts

Just started ripping up the original loom, going getting rid of unwanted stuff. Going to mount the fuse box in the car so everything’s out of the way and tidy.

Ill post some more progress soon.


Posted March 17, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

8 responses to “Fun Stuff

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  1. That bar looks pretty filled. So jealous!

  2. That blue is really going to look good with the yellow

  3. Now this is cool!
    Good engine bay.

    Paint EVERYTHING yellow. DO it DO it DO it

  4. haha who would of thought blue yellow would look good together

  5. Very cool, looks great! Can’t wait to see it all come together…

  6. I came in here knowing Brian would have A) posted before me B) posted exactly what he posted.

    Carry on.

  7. Car looks great man. Just starting the same build and could use a few words of wisdom to save myself some headaches. Email me if you don’t mind.

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