1JZ Progress   19 comments

Chris came round and took a cool photo of our progress.

Not too far away now, just need a few more small parts + wiring and exhaust.


Posted March 21, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

19 responses to “1JZ Progress

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  1. Wow SO COOL!

  2. shit that looks cool

  3. nice job.

  4. Killer. Driving on the 3rd?

  5. I need your motivation! Looking good boys!

  6. I’m looking to do a JZ in my S13. I was wondering if you could get in contact with me so I could ask you a few quick questions.

  7. wow that engine looks right at home in there,choice!

  8. so cool!

  9. Hey guys looking good… sorry couldnt make it up in the end on sunday to help you out with the wiring… dont have mine in action yet… got the water pump sorted so will bring that up at the weekend and you can have a look at how i rewired the lot 😛 but looking bloody awesome… Puts hands up for 1 of the “nismo”power braces =D


  11. hell yea, your new banner is awesome! and ridiculously symmetrical, haha

  12. I love it, mang.

  13. What made you go with the 1JZ? Did you debate over the RB25? I am planning on doing a swap myself and have been thinking of SR or RB25 I can not seem to make up decisively.
    P.S. #I fan from Texas.

  14. It looks promising!

  15. Very clean car man. I have a 1j swapped mk3 supra and was wondering where you got your intake from. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find one. Thanks.

  16. Do you have a build thread anywhere with more info on parts needed for a 1jzswap?

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