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Got the 1J running and took it to get an alignment at Firestone Wairau, while it was on the hoist we got a few pics of the underbody and all the new stuff.

This is the new exhaust adam built, its 3″ stainless, this was his first time tig welding but it came up sweet!

Taking the car to a manji day at the Meremere drag strip this weekend to test the new setup.


Posted April 26, 2010 by Joel Hedges in Joel

13 responses to “Alignment

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  1. Def see you at manji man!!

  2. She’s a straight one!

  3. JZ battles

  4. Whos the hot girl in the second photo?

  5. So cool, nice job guys!

  6. Radical! Can’t wait to hear this thing.

  7. looks sick!

  8. What was your alignment like being so low, I’m curious to know haha.

    Did you have fun getting it on the rack?

  9. Hi Guys,
    Nice fab skills.
    I have a question…
    What top & bottom radiator hoses did you use as I’m in the process of doing a 1jz vvt-i into S13 Silvia. I’ve got the engine & box mounted complete with driveshaft, back end, exhaust etc. The Front mount & oil cooler are also mounted. I’ve just been & got some radiator hoses but they’re not quite right & wondered what ones you guys used.
    Another question…we’re looking closely at cutting the tops out of the rear struts & I like your idea … was it hard to do like real fiddly?

    Barry ( Bazz) Speirs
    • The bottom hose is just the stock one that came on the motor and for the top i cut and welded the waterneck so it points straight at the radiator inlet (rb radiator with the top on the left) then used a 45deg hose bend. The rear strut tops were a little fiddly to cut out but not that bad. I used a little air powered cut off wheel from the inside of the tower.
      Hope that helps,

  10. Hi Adam,
    I’m a engineer by trade so fabrication is what I do…I thought I would fab some strut tops from sch.40 seamless pipe with a 4 or 5mm top plate….what do you think?…. also with the car lower…correct me if I’m wrong, but this will affect the lower arms …did you fab your own or did you out source them?
    cheers for the previous info it’s been a great help.

  11. What radiator fans did you use?

  12. hey mate im after a gbox/engine mounts for a 1j conversion.would u be able to fab me up some?

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